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Vande Mataram

India is celebrating the 68th year of its independence and as an Indian living far away from home this is truly a patriotic moment. Growing up in India we always got used to watching the flag hoisting by the Indian Prime Minister followed by a speech. At school you would always get sweets and sing national anthem the day before independence day.

All these memories come rushing back when you are far away and thus I thought going down the memory lane with some pictures I had taken during my last few India trips. These images are of places that are close to my heart and were taken at various times of the day. They range from the India Gate in Delhi to the Gateway of India in Mumbai, The Taj Palace and the view of the sea from its coffee shop and finally the Jal Mahal in Udaipur.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did clicking them. In the end, wishing all my Indian friends a happy independence day. May the country continue to prosper!

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