Night photography mantra
Ever wondered how some photographers manage to get the perfect reflection of their subject in water? Till I learnt some techniques I always wondered how they do that. There must be some magic or some post production involved. But its an extremely simple technique and one I will share with you today. Rememberten ground rulesbefore you decide to do night photography: Choose your location well– It’s quite handy to know beforehand where you will be placing the camera, what angle will you be shooting from since it generally tends to be a bit dark and knowing your location well can save time and get you up and running quicker. A tripod is a MUST – Always remember to carry your tripod with you for a couple of reasons. One, you have more freedom to adjust your settings thus avoiding any sort of camera shake and get much better results. Two, you can turn around and look at other settings too while the camera does its job. Carry a remote/Self-timer– Night photography has its own set of gears and a remote is very important. So for instance when you decide to leave your shutter on for 10 seconds, a simple camera shake […]
21 Aug 2014 in Camera gossip, Photo gossip