How to zoom burst?
What’s photography without experimenting? The best way to learn photography is by experimenting and playing around with settings. Even the best tutorials and photography courses will teach you how to use these settings but in order to maximize you need to be super comfortable with your gadget. I decided to experiment with zoombursts, a special technique achieved by changing the focal length of the lens while the camera is exposing. A zoomburst image is one where you will see blurred streaks emanating from every pixel of your photograps Let me explain it in a very simple fashion: – First things first, set up your camera on a sturdy tripod so that you can avoid camera shakes. – Use a zoom lens – lenses like 18-55mm, 70-300mm work the best. A 50mm lens or a fixed-length focal lens will not work. – Keep a fairly low shutter speed and a small aperture. The reason you need a slow shutter speed is because you need to zoom your lens all the way (and then back too if you like) while the shitter is open. – Use manual or shutter priority mode to set exposure value that matches to how fast you can […]
18 Nov 2014 in Camera gossip