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11 Sep 2014 in Photo gossip

Author : spriha

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After having missed last two supermoons this year I was determined to capture this one but the biggest challenge was to find the right spot and the right settings for your camera.

London has never been short of beautiful locations but to know where the moon will be at what time is a tough one so I decided to save on energy and stick to my comfort area – a fairly decent location close to my house. I knew the location well, could set up without any hassle and could concentrate more on settings.

I had read several blogs on how to capture the moon but when it comes to photography there is no right or wrong. At the end of the day it’s your own instinct that works. The book might ask you to keep a higher f number but you might not want the image to look very bright and blurry so experiment away with f stops.

Remember to keep your ISO low to avoid unwanted noise. And remember NOT to put your camera to night time exposure because you’ll probably need daytime settings to counter the bright light. It can be a bit confusing initially but we see the moon because of the light of the sun reflected from the surface of the moon. Moon is, therefore, your subject in sunlight. And so a night photo setting will not help.

Good luck!

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