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Sensational butterflies

Butterflies are the most beautiful and colourful creation of God. They are pretty, they give you all the colours you want for your photo but the problem is they are extremely restless. You might have your camera ready with just the settings you need and by the time you focus they are gone.

I went to the Natural History Museum in the posh South Kensington area for their ‘Sensational Butterflies’ exhibition and I was extremely pleased to see a number of butterflies. I took out my 70-300mm macro lens and started following these butterflies as they flew from one flower to the other.

It was damp and humid inside the enclosure but the thrill of capturing these colourful butterflies kept me going. I managed to get a couple of good shots on a fast shutter. On occasions like these I stick to the TV mode in my camera so that I don’t have to worry about aperture. And that worked quite well.

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