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Photography, love and exhibition

21 May 2015 in Camera gossip

Author : spriha

Four years back when I got my DSLR, I had never thought I will fall in love with photography. My parents gifted me this beautiful gadget as a wedding present on behalf of my aunt who passed away when I was really young. My aunt was single and loved spending all her money on her nephews and nieces. She believed in enjoying life and pursuing your dreams and wanted each one of us to do the same. She left small portions of her savings for all her nieces and nephews before going away to another world.

My parents did the smart thing of investing that money and thus a few months before marriage, I received a “we need to talk” text. I panicked a bit initially. What is it that they wanted to talk to me about? Did they found out something about my husband that I didn’t know? Or are they going to have one of those “grown up” talks that parents normally do before marriage? Oh I know what it is, someone must have told my mother it’s not good for the would-be bride to go out in the sun. She will not look fresh on her wedding dayand what will people say?

So I picked up the phone and while expecting a lot of drama on the other side, I managed to keep a very calm tone. “We wanted to ask you what to buy you for your wedding from the money Meera (bua) aunty left you?” I was relieved to hear the question. Thankfully it was about presents and I love presents. Well, who doesn’t? And then it was from one of my favourite people. I told my parents I will think about it and let them know.

I thought very hard and looked at Apple TV, Macbooks, Smart TVs, Kitchenware and so much more. I even considered putting that money into our honeymoon fund but I wasn’t convinced. She always inspired and motivated me in life and thus I wanted to buy something that reminded me of her always. “I have tons of memories of her in my head but hardly any pictures with her,” I thought to myself. And that’s when it struck me. I want a camera. Yes, that’s it. I want something that can capture many memories and keep them fresh in our minds.

The next day I told my parents I wanted a DSLR. I did a lot of research on which camera to buy and what lens to get. It’s a tough decision because the Canon-Nikon debate is never-ending. It’s a bit like Apple-Samsung. Canon users will find Nikon very tough to use and vice versa. I decided to see for myself. I tested both the cameras and realised I am more of a Canon fan. The next step was to decide which model to take.

Being a starter in the field, I decided to go for a basic Canon 550D with a wide angle lens. I opted for 18mm-135mm and it still remains my favourite. The camera made me fall in love with different aspects ofphotography. I started practicing everything from landscapes to wildlife, monochrome to candid and so on. I tasted success for the first time when I sold one of my first clicks. After that, I got more inspired and decided to keep learning and trying.

Four years later, I am still learning something new everyday. I have moved to a new camera, funded from the sale of my old one and some pictures I clicked. I have clicked thousands of images and plan to keep clicking more. I love to take my camera along wherever I go and try and mix travel with my love for photography.

But before moving on, I would like to share my clicks with you. There is still so much to learn but I would love to share various tried and tested aspects of photography with you. I will be holding an exhibition from Monday, 8th June to Friday 12th June at The Nehru Centre, London (W1k1HF). If you are in London and like photography, then please do come. I will be very happy to see you.

This one’s for you Meera bua!

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