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La Ville De L’amour

23 Sep 2014 in Photo gossip, Stories, Travel notes

Author : spriha

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Paris is officially my favorite city in the world. There are just so many things about this city that has attracted me to it. From those narrow streets to roadside cafes, beautiful architecture, lovely touristy places, colourful and yummy macaroons, delicious crepes and so much more.

I had covered all the touristy things in my last two trips to Paris. From Eiffel Tower to Avenue des Champslyse, leading to the beautiful Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, the Sacr-Cur Basilica, the Montmartre walk and so much more. It was a packed trip with a long To-do list that I kept checking as I went along.

But I always felt I missed the essence of Paris in these two trips as I ended up spending more time in rushing through all the touristy things. And thus I decided to make one more trip to Paris to see the city on foot and capture what I couldn’t in the past two trips.

The city boasts grand architecture and lovely narrow streets that have small roadside cafes serving tea, coffee and a range of cakes. The city is extremely well connected by its metro system but dont be scared of walking through these narrow streets and exploring the city on foot.

We did a lovely walk from Republique to the Louvre Museum which is not more than 3 kilometers in all but has some wonderful architecture on the way. There is the busy Grand Boulevards where you can stop by for lunch or just a coffee maybe and then continue your journey.

There is also the lovely (touristy) walk through the Champs- lyse leading to Arc de Triomphe. You can climb to the top of Arc de Triomphe through a narrow spiral staircase but the views from the top are simply marvelous.

For a photography enthusiast, Paris has lots to offer. From the romantic feel in the air at Pont des Arts bridge to some lovely reflections in the night of the Louvre, the glittering Eiffel and grand architecture among others that look really good on camera.

For me, Paris will always be special. Its here that I fell in love with my camera! :)

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