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In the wild

08 Aug 2014 in Camera gossip

Author : spriha

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One of the toughest forms of photography I have come across is capturing wildlife. Growing up reading National Geographic magazines completely spoiled me and I always thought that getting that one perfect shot of a Lion hunting a deer would be easy. But life’s not a bed of roses.

My first attempt at wildlife photography was at the London Zoo. All excited I carried my camera, a bunch of lenses, a spare battery and was ready to capture these lovely animals. The first lesson I learnt was to be patient. Capturing wildlife is like pulling teeth sometimes. You first fight your way through the crowd to be at an angle from where the subject is very clear. Then, you keep your settings ready. Remember to keep a fast shutter speed because you might be capturing a number of shots before getting the perfect one. And then, just hang in there with your camera and wait for the subject to do something interesting.

I followed these exact same steps when taking all the pictures that I have attached with this post. I wanted the subject to look into my eyes, which did give me nightmares later, but the moment it looked at me I knew I had my perfect click!

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