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Candid moments

19 Aug 2014 in Photo gossip

Author : spriha

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One of the toughest forms of photography is capturing human expressions. Its not a still landscape or an age-old architecture that you could get your settings right, point and shoot. Because if you do that with candid photography, more often than not you will have one you wouldn’t even want to look at.

I am still learning the techniques of candid photography and the biggest hurdle is taking a picture without making your subject conscious. Most of the time the subject tends to get conscious and you have a picture with a few tensed faces. That’s not what you want.

I tried different techniques on people I know so I started with my younger sister who is quite a diva herself. I asked her to enjoy a swing ride without caring that I was taking pictures and she did. I tried shooting from different angles and kept it all to black and white. I have realised portraits look wonderful in monochrome.

I stuck to manual mode which allowed me to shoot with different apertures and I kept the ISO to minimum in order to avoid any noise in the photo. Let me know what you think of these? I think the bigger challenge is to be able to shoot in a bigger setting with more happy faces. Miles to go before I sleep!

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