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Getting off auto mode

06 Aug 2014 in Camera gossip

Author : spriha

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The biggest challenge that I faced after buying my DSLR was getting off auto mode. When you go to buy your camera the shopkeeper tells you all the features but keeps emphasizing on how the pictures come out absolutely amazing on auto mode. Well if I had to take pictures on auto mode wouldn’t I stick to my compact digital camera that I bought from my first salary. That took fairly nice pictures too.

I have been taking pictures for nearly four years now and I can honestly say that the first six months was completely on auto mode. I would get scared reading big words like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure levels, white balance and so on. But the day I switched to manual mode with help from a lovely photography instructor I realised these tough words become your best friends. It is here that you start looking at everything from the point of view of an image. If its too sunny we need a very low ISO, if its night photography and you don’t have a tripod then its time to pump up your ISO.

Laying your hands on these shiny gadgets can be quite overwhelming especially if you have always had a knack for taking images. But sometimes a camera can never capture what the eyes can.  So when trying to bridge the gap between the two, its important to switch to manual.

Get off that auto mode now!

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