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My name is Spriha. A financial journalist by profession and a photographer by passion, I like to experiment with various forms of photography. I have been enjoying my photography for nearly three years now but I would still call myself an amateur since there is so much to learn everyday.

Armed with my camera and a tripod, I try and see the world through my lenses. It is true that the day you lay your hands on these shiny new gadgets called DSLRs you start thinking like a photographer. Will this shot work better as a portrait? Will this work better as a macro image or a wide angle shot? A while back these terms were alien to me but have now gradually become part of my daily lingo.

I have realised that clicking your perfect image is like finding your Mr. Right. The real thrill is when after standing in the cold for hours and hours and taking loads of blurry images you manage to get that one perfect image. That makes it worth all the effort.

Residing in London gives me ample opportunities to go for various photo walks as well as experiment with various forms of photography such as macro and night photography. I also love travelling and capturing everything from narrow streets to lovely beaches and beautiful wildlife of Europe.

Through this website I would like to share some of my favourite images with you and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed clicking them.